Monday, May 20, 2013

A Prayer for Coming of Age Sunday (Sunday, May 19, 2013)

A Prayer for Coming of Age Sunday

Each one of us,
as young or old as we may be,
wherever we are along the circling, cycling way of our journeys,
is part and parcel of this Earth, our home;
we are woven fine for all time in the lives of one another.

So, remember this always, my young friends:
This old world needs to hear from you;
this old world needs the contribution you will make
to strengthening our bruised and tattered web.

And the world needs you not at some far-off date,
some day in the future, when we’re all dead & gone;
the world needs to hear from right now,
with all your energy and joy and spirit and surprise.

So as your journeys unfolds
may your paths be blest;
and as you travel down your way,
may you turn to bless this world, as well:
bless it with the treasure
of your time and talent and gifts and spirit.

So, my young friends:
be patient—but never too patient;
have faith in God, in others, and in yourself;
wait for your season—
But never
let the living moment that is before you right now
die before its time.

Stretch those strong roots of yours down through
this holy ground of earth,
where so many generations have trod before.

And stretch those graceful wings of yours up toward
the vastness of space,
toward the heaven you will build
each day of a life well-lived.


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