Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Meditation for Mother's Day (Sunday, May 12, 2013)

A Meditation for Mother’s Day

There shines forth from a mother’s face
the greatest miracle of all:
Life in all its glory,
all its story, all its history,
its mystery; divine grace
and natural evolution writ large and manifest,
perfect splendor of dust and stars.

In every mother’s face there lies an epic
of tragedy and joy, laughter and tears
flowing freely throughout all the years
the hand of life has brought.

In every mother’s face there still abide
the signs and signals, emblem and symbol,
of every betrayal, every heroic act,
every friendship, every love,
each and every day a life has seen.

In every mother’s face we know
the pain that can never let us go;
in every mother’s face we trace
the deeper evidence of God.

In every mother’s face the light
of hope shines through darkest night;
in every mother’s face the holy dark
descends, blessed mystery eternal,
with no beginning, with no end.

There shines forth from every mother’s face—
from every human face--
the greatest miracles of all:
the miracles of these lives we call our own.

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  1. A romanticized religious perspective that is soothing to many.