Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The steps we take

 Each step is a story; 
each moment a symbol,
deeper lessons learning;
not to be catalogued,
but lived to the full;
not endlessly analyzed,
but allowed to dance
deep within our souls.

We meet and greet others
as they pass with artful delicacy;
it is a lovely dance of elegance and beauty
we do, when we cherish the other living spirits
with whom we share this sacred path.
Now back to back, now face to face,
smiling, greeting, a soft touch in passing, perhaps:
We are alone and strong and free,
but interdependent, too;
joined with every other pilgrim
with whom we share this holy ground.

Knowing this, we become at last like spirits,
blissful sparks of hope and love made real;
our hurt and pain diffused in the holy ether,
no less real, but held now in stronger hands than ours.
Our joy now cosmic, our song divine;
as we approach the center, together,
free at last to the lessons
that our lives’ stories will gladly learn and teach.

3/19/02        11/30/03        10/19/08       3/3/13

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