Monday, February 25, 2013

At the altar of love (Sunday, February 24, 2013)

At the altar of love

The earth is home,
this body a temple;
the God we worship here
is love, bright shining love,
burning hot and radiant
in the altar of our hearts.

Our love is the air
that gives us life,
that keeps the fire burning
through the night
of despair, lost hope,
harsh judgment
that would put it out
and cast us back
into the darkness.

Love is the connecting branch,
root and limb of our existence,
intimately bound to the living tree,
surging forth in gentle strength
and unquenchable resilience.

Love is when my fingers reach out
and touch yours ever so gently
and sparks fly.
Love is when we greet each other
as friends,
and brotherly hearts beat as one again.

When human beings give themselves to love,                                                                              

it is as though angels flap their wings,
and God smiles,
and the world hurtles forward
toward another day of loving.

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