Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Prayer 2013 (Sunday, March 31, 2013)

Easter Prayer 2013

The good news of the Resurrection calls us to rejoice:
Love did not die on Calvary,
and it does not die in the face of the countless crucifixions
innocent men and women suffer daily
at the hands of a broken and fallen world.
Wherever the hungry are fed, love is alive.
Wherever the naked are clothed, love is alive.
Wherever the sorrowing are comforted, love is alive.
Wherever children are taught, love is alive.
Wherever the broken are healed, love is alive.
Love lives in me.
Love lives in you.
Love lives in our neighbors, and in men and women of goodwill and good hearts the world over.
By the grace of love and the miracle of new life,
we are set free.
Blessed be God forever.
Blessed be the Spirit of Life, who holds us in everlasting arms.
Blessed be the Spirit of Life, who lives within our hearts,
and transcends all distinctions among us, and all barriers between us,
and transforms our little lives
into reflections of Divine Glory.

Based on Mary Ann Niedzielski, alt. 

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