Monday, June 11, 2012

The call of conscience (Sunday, June 3, 2012)

The call of conscience

Conscience can make heroes of us all;
but that demands that we listen.
Conscience demands that we open our eyes,
look, and see what is around us.
Answering the demand of what we witness
is even another choice unto itself.

We are not automatic angels,
responding on cue to the signal of the Almighty;
nor are we mere groveling beasts
answering our bellies, organs, instincts,
and nothing more.

We are embodied spirits,
owning the blessings and the curses
of both body and spirit.
We are singular, unique beings,
yet intimately interconnected
one with another, and with all that is.

Our soul's realization comes through
accepting, then accentuating,
both that uniqueness and that interconnection--
not in some schizophrenic balancing act,
but in all ways and always,
in the very days we live
every season of our lives.

2/13/99    11/7/99       6/3/12

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