Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Greetings 2011

The Universalist Parsonage

Stoughton, Massachusetts


Christmastide 2011

Dear Friends,

At Christmas, we are called upon to believe that the most glorious things are possible.

With every child that is born, our hope is born anew.

With every Christmas Eve, we remember the true and deepest meaning of why we are here. 

Perhaps something is happening, at last, in the Bethlehem of our hearts that will finally change us, and change our world. Perhaps the sound waves (the age waves) of that first gloriously impossible Christmas are stirring our souls at last, and the glorious music of a heavenly host sings forth, at last, the wonder of our own new birth—our own nativity—upon this Earth.

The real song of Christmas is all about the divine gifts inherent in our human living—those gifts of the Spirit, waiting for us, buried beneath the hard and crusted-over snow of human experience.

Christmas shows us that when night is darkest, we see the shining of the stars most gloriously. When we are most empty, the abundance of God can fill our souls. When we are poorest in spirit, a divine inheritance will be ours.

And when, at last, we are still—and silent—and all the noise of life has been hushed, and if we really listen, we may yet hear that angel chorus; and hear the Blessed Mother’s lullaby of peace; and hear that Holy Infant’s cry-- persistently, patiently, lovingly—calling us, at last, to follow him down the blessed pathway of compassion.

May your Christmas be touched with the truest gifts of the Spirit. And, at Christmas and always, may you sing boldly, yet gently,  your own blessed song of Life. 

                                                                                    Peace be with you all,

Rev. Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz

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