Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puddles of Creativity (Sunday, November 13, 2011)

Puddles of creativity

This little puddle of creativity
which each of us is
is small, but deep and real,
for it is connected by underground springs
to the great ocean of life; to be a single drop in that ocean,
let alone an entire puddle,
is enough to transform the very landscape of this world of ours.  

For that puddle is deeper
than we can even imagine; it is a lake, really.
It is fed and watered by an ageless stream of human tears;
it is deepened yet by the rains of nature's seasons.
These wellsprings are eternal
and flow in endless supply;
these springs will flow forever;
these reservoirs never run dry.

The dryness that may come from time to time
is but a brief and transient state,
caused by human ego trying to control the flow;
replacing the Way of the Spirit
with our own little puny reasons and ways and wherefores.

And when these pass, as pass they must, and will,
it can be like a cloudburst in the desert,
moistening the dust
and turning it into potter's clay,
till at last that puddle overflows
and becomes a mighty ocean all God's own.

3/19/99           3/12/00          11/13/11

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